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September 30, 2009

Album Cover Designers (Pt. 1): Neville Brody

In the early eighties, I was into a lot of post-punk and early electronic bands whose album covers were designed by Neville Brody. Over the years, I've tried to follow Brody's career, mostly thanks to my designer friend Tony Knight (who's an even bigger fan than I am).

Since working in music, Neville Brody (above: a YouTube user's biographical video) has designed for excellent UK magazines like The Face and Arena, has launched his own graphic design company, and has even recently re-imagined the packaging and advertising schemes for Dom Perignon champagne. He's also designed some pretty darn amazing fonts.

Below are some of the album covers credited to Brody during the eighties (many of which, I might add, accompany some darn amazing albums, too).

(1) 8 Eyed Spy, "Diddy Wah Diddy" single (1980)

(2) Clock DVA, Thirst LP (1980)

(3) Clock DVA, "4 Hours" single (1980)

(4) Cabaret Voltaire, 3 Crepuscule Tracks EP (1981)

(5) Throbbing Gristle, Five Albums box set (1981)

(6) 23 Skidoo, "The Gospel Comes To New Guinea" 12" (1981)

(7) 8 Eyed Spy, 8 Eyed Spy LP (1981)

(8) Depeche Mode, "Just Can't Get Enough" 12" (1981)

(9) Cabaret Voltaire, Red Mecca LP (1981)

(10) Bush Tetras, "Things That Go Boom In the Night" single (1981)

(11) The Bongos, "Mambo Sun" single (1982)

(12) 23 Skidoo, Seven Songs LP (1982)

(13) Stephen Mallinder, Pow-Wow EP (1982)

(14) The Bongos, "Zebra Club" single (1982)

(15) Various Artists, The Last Testament LP (1983)

(16) Cabaret Voltaire, Micro-Phonies LP (1984)

(17) Cabaret Voltaire, The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord LP (1985)

(18) Cabaret Voltaire, Code LP (1987)

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September 04, 2009

Movie Posters I Love

(I limited myself to movies released after 1968 or so. Maybe I'll compile an "earlier" list another time. And since I love it so much, I couldn't resist including the Australian poster for Mysterious Skin.)

(Top to bottom, left to right:
Gummo; Santa Sangre; Lost Highway; Bad Education; Man On Wire; The Evil Dead; Mysterious Skin; Bug; Sleepy Hollow; The Stepford Wives; Wild Combination; Children of Men; Grizzly Man; Creepshow; The Blair Witch Project; There Will Be Blood; Blood Beach; Bruno; The Brown Bunny; My Architect; Zoo; The Girlfriend Experience; Female Trouble; Straw Dogs; Fargo; The Simpsons Movie; Let the Right One In; Tideland; The Warriors; A Tale of Two Sisters; The Boogeyman; Manufactured Landscapes; Helvetica; Strangers With Candy; The Host; The Bridge; My Left Foot; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; The Savages; The Dark Knight; Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom; Pirahna; Motel; My Winnipeg; Giallo; Happiness; Pee-Wee's Big Adventure; Rosemary's Baby; Maniac; Dear Zachary; The Hurt Locker; Coraline.)

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