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April 14, 2009

New School Reading; Lambda Nomination; Saints & Sinners

Some random writing-related things:

(1) Below are a couple of photos sent by my photographer pal Michael Karo. I doubt the owner of this VW bus knows anything about my second novel, but it's kinda fun to think otherwise. (Plus, the color of the bus is pretty close to the urine on the book jacket.) Thanks, Michael, for your sweetly sharp eye!

(2) This Wednesday, April 15th, I will be giving a reading and discussion, along with the writer Matthew Sharpe (author of Jamestown and The Sleeping Father, among other books), at the New School in New York. There's a little bit more information right here. (Apologies beforehand to anyone who heard me read on last year's book tour; since I haven't really completed much work since then, I'll very likely read again from We Disappear.)

(3) Speaking of that very novel, it's one of the finalists for the fiction category in this year's Lambda Literary Awards. We Disappear is nominated against four others: Stray Dog Winter, by David Francis; The Torturer's Wife, by Thomas Glave; The Conversion, by Joseph Olshan; and The Boomerang Kid, by Jay Quinn. The "big night" with the reception and announcement of award winners will be Thursday, May 28th, in New York, at CUNY.

(4) Michael and I will both be participating in this year's Saints & Sinners Literary Festival, held May 14th through the 17th in New Orleans. I'm excited because (a) Michael's one of this year's recipients of the "mid-career author award," and (b) New Orleans is one of the only major U.S. cities I still haven't visited, so I'll finally have a chance to go.

I apologize for making my first blog entry in weeks be all about me, me, me. I'll end by recommending a novel, then: Lake Overturn (photo, above left), by a good friend, Vestal McIntyre. The book is in stores on April 21st. In all honesty, I haven't read it yet--it's one of the next books on my shelf, along with The Glister by John Burnside (above middle) and Don't Cry (above right), the new collection of Mary Gaitskill stories--but considering what a great writer Vestal is, and considering how good his last book You Are Not the One was--I know this book will be wonderful.

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