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April 28, 2007


One of my all-time favorite albums, Quique by the sublime and sadly overlooked Seefeel, has just been released in a remastered edition with a bonus disc of extra tracks. (Pitchfork reports on it here.) If you're a fan of both My Bloody Valentine-styled guitar-based music and Warp Records-styled electronica, and want to put your ear toward the spot where those two styles most closely met, then you've got to get this fantastic record.

Members Sarah Peacock, Daren Seymour, and Justin Fletcher later became the equally amazing Scala; leader Mark Clifford remixed songs on the Cocteau Twins' Otherness and subsequently toured with them. Where oh where are the members of Seefeel now??

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April 21, 2007

Two Excellent New CDs & One Belated, Much-Anticipated DVD Box Set

(1) The Twilight Sad, Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters,

(2) Blonde Redhead, 23,

and (3), after all these years, Season Two of my all-time favorite show, Twin Peaks. FINALLY!

"Bob, I want all my Garmonbozia."

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April 11, 2007


I'm a gin freak. The new Tanqueray Rangpur is nicely limey and just as good as their Tanqueray 10. Still not as sublime as the wondrous Hendrick's, though.

Here's a pretty swell article about the resurgence of gin.

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April 06, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Just got back from a sort-of spontaneous trip to Vegas with Michael and our pals Matt and Mike. I'd never been before--only driven through once in the summer of '87 with my sister--so this was quite the experience. I gambled a little; I think my final tally was a negative 50 bucks or so (as opposed to the total for the much-more-successful Mike). We ate at some cheapo buffets, had a lot of G&Ts, and took a daylong rental-car trip to the Hoover Dam and to Red Rock Canyon (photos below).

(By the way, in all my years, I've never seen so many: (a) obese people; (b) chainsmokers; and (c) Jazzies, Hoverounds, and other "personal mobility" scooter vehicles.)

But on a slightly more healthy and bodily attractive note: on our final night, we had great seats at Cirque du Soleil's O at the Bellagio (which was the coolest hotel we saw--and we walked through a hell of a lot of them--thanks in part to the excellent Dale Chihuly glass sculptures. Below: more photos from our Vegas trip. And now... back to work.

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April 04, 2007

Between Frustrating, Stop-Start Stretches of Work, I Troll the Internet For Answers To the Following Ten Questions.

(1) Have there been any recent UFO sighting photographs?

(2) Is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded in music history still as sublime when lip-synched on a Dutch TV show?

(3) Whatever happened to early 80s teen actor Glenn Scarpelli of One Day at a Time?

(4) Has a trailer for the new Rob Zombie Halloween remake been posted online?

(5) What's the latest news on ABBA singer Agnetha Faltskog, my hugest childhood crush?

(6) Will the ridiculously overpaid Daisuke Matsuzaka really help this year's Red Sox?

(7) Will I still have a crush on Tim Urban from the increasingly horrendous The Apprentice after I hear his new-agey, Yanni-like music?

(8) After all these years, am I STILL horrified by the last two minutes of The Blair Witch Project?

(9) If my middle name was "Wayne" instead of "Allen," would I be a serial killer?

(10) Who is the greatest living Irishman?

(11) Is Lori Nix my current favorite contemporary photographer?

and (12) Isn't it a little bizarre to post a video of your cute infant child set to the music soundtrack of a film about child molestation?

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